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How to Use the New Propane Tanks

Although you might not know it, and you probably do if you use a gas grill, but the tanks that are currently being used today are different than the tanks your parents used.

Finding an older tank, that is still in good working order, might save you some money, but it might not actually work with your grill. Also, older tanks are no longer being filled. There are easy ways to tell if your tank has been updated to the new standards, or if the tank is still a classic model. These upgrades for tanks, required before they can be filled, make the tanks more safe, by preventing them from being overfilled.

What’s Changed

Any tank that was manufactured before September 30, 1998, has the old style valve installed. That’s the way they came from the factory, unless the tank has been retrofitted with a Overfill Prevention Device (OPD). On average, the old cylinders caused about 600 fires every year. It was consistently caused by overfilling.

To help prevent this and to help keep the user safe, the National Fire Prevention Agency told the Consumer Product Safety Commission to include a OPD on each tank. This became effect (and standard practice) April 1st, 2002.

If your tank is not equipped with a OPD, it can’t even be filled. These valves have a plunger inside the tank, and once the tank reaches about 80% filled capacity, the plunger rises and shuts off the flow of propane into the tank. These valves are found on tanks ranging in size from 4 pounds to 40 pounds, most commonly used for gas grills. (The 4 pound bottles are most used as portable tanks for portable grills). Other than the valve, the propane tank design is still the same.

How to Tell

There is an easy way tell if your propane tank has the old style valve on it or not. The first way to tell is y checking the date stamped onto the tank. Each tank, regardless of when it was made, is required to have the manufacturing date stamped onto the tank. You can find this date by looking at the guard surrounding the cylinder valve, also commonly used as a handle.

Tanks have a shelf life of about 12 years, and will need to be recertified as safe after 12 years (recertification lasts for 5 years). If this date is before April 1st, 2002, then your tank could possibly have the old type of valve. If it is manufactured after that date, it should already have one installed. Another easy way to tell is by checking the valve knob. Old valves have a circular, 5 prong knob, while the new valves are designed with a triangular, 3 prong knob.

How to Fix it?

One of the easiest ways to fix the problem is to swap out the tanks with a tank swapping program.

These can be found at most local hardware stores and at some big box stores, and even some gas stations carry propane tanks. They also make conversion kits for propane tanks.

It is highly recommended to let your local propane dealer to change the valve, as well as preform any maintenance or service on your propane tank. These tanks, while generally considered safe, does have the slight possibility of exploding.

Problems with New Tanks

The new valves in the tanks might cause problems with some of the older gas grills, although the new valves are designed to work with the older Pressure Outlet Line (POL).

These new valves also have fittings for the new Marshall Type fittings as well. Make sure to make a leak tight fit on the connections on your grill. The new valves will trigger if a leak proof seal is not made. If the grill works, but has a large amount of yellow flame, takes forever to heat up, or just simply doesn’t work properly, then you will need to adjust the grill. The safety feature in the new valves will restrict the flow of gas if the valve experiences release above certain levels. Usually this happens when the valve is fully opened.

To help prevent this problem, only open the control knob about a fourth of a turn to a half of a turn. This will allow enough gas through to cook properly, without overloading the valve. If you do need to reset the valve, completely turn the tank off, and disconnect the hose and regulator. Give the tank about 5 minutes to reset, and then attach the hoses tightly. Now turn the gas on only about 1/4 – 1/2 a turn.

Leak Test: How to check?

This is the easiest, cheapest way to tell if you have a leak in your gas line or one of your connections. To do so, simply take one part water, and mix in one part dish soap. Then either brush or pour onto the hose and connections (while cold). The soap water mixture will not only make noise if gas is escaping, but will also form bubbles. This will show you where any leaks are, and allow you to fix the problem.

If the leak is at a fitting, try to tighten the fitting. If the fitting still leaks, turn the gas off, un-connect the fitting, and check to see if the rubber washer inside the fitting is in place properly. If it is, remove the rubber fitting and inspect the O-ring. If the O-ring is damaged, dirty, or really old, then replace the O-ring. This should solve the problem. If the leak is coming from a hose, then simply remove the hose, and replace it with a durable parts.

Gas leaks while using a gas grill can be catastrophic, and could lead to death. Leaking gas is never something to ignore. You should check each time you change tanks, and each time you adjust or mess with any of the propane lines. You should also check when setting up your grill for the first time.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Spin Bike

Spinning bikes are a very popular and very effective way to loose weight and exercise. Spinning Bikes are very similar to regular exercise bikes, however, they are different in that spinning bicycles have a higher wheel and utilize more resistance when using them.

Another feature that sets spinning bikes apart from regular exercise bikes is that often times users of the bikes will put in a tape or program and follow a routine while using said bike. This allows you to push yourself much harder and ride for longer while getting a much better exercise.

Also, people the compete in bicycles races and other forms of biking often times will prefer using a spinner bike because of the extra workout. If you are looking for best spin bikes for home use then you must consider reading reviews. You can find amazing deals there, with the amazing discount rates.

When you want comfort, stability, safety, and long-lasting quality, Kettler bikes are one of the best bicycles around. Don’t forget to look at the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer.

Many individuals have discovered that biking is a fun way to improve their health, jumpstart the day, and get around town safely. It’s getting more and more important because gas prices have skyrocketed. During difficult economic times larger numbers of people are certain to be looking for ways to defray fuel costs, and bicycling will turn out to be one of them. It’s important to make sure that all bikers wear a helmet, and get a bike that is completely functional. They must also have a good grasp of road safety for bicycles. A nice comparable model to check out is the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer.

Kettler provides safety with their bicycles as well as comfort, and with today’s needs of various different types of bicycles, Kettler offers a great array of bicycles offered. Also, be sure not to miss the Sole E55 & E95 Elliptical Trainer.

It was Kettler that turned to aluminum in their frame production to begin the lightweight bikes on the market today. This idea gave Kettler technicians and engineers a method so they could constantly improve the frame on Kettler aluminum bicycles.

Currently, the construction and technology of these bicycles are not just rust-proof and weather-proof, but they also have a full range of suspension bikes, which makes them ultimately one of the most relaxing to ride.

Created in Germany, Kettler’s bicycles are made in a cutting-edge building facility that is always gaining updated technology. They also upgrade their production facilities as cutting-edge technology becomes available.

Everyone understands that safety is paramount when a person is biking, and Kettler has built some of the safest bikes on the planet. Their patented asymmetrical tubal frame gives more than 20 times the durability of standard aluminum bike frames. So if you’re interested in doing some intense mountain biking that is tough on the bike you’re riding, consider the patented frame design of a Kettler bike.

German design offers a great assortment of Kettler bicycles to choose from, from those for the smallest kids, built with safety in mind, comfort bikes with cloud-like suspension to those who love to ride the mountains. They also make a wide range of exercise bikes that are fully adjustable, stationary, and produced to the same standard of excellence as all Kettler bikes.

Bicycling is a hobby the entire family can enjoy together or one at a time, and is perfect exercise. Ensure that each bike fits each rider appropriately or injuries can result. Teach your kids early, basic bike safety and road safety rules and make sure they get in the habit of wearing a helmet.

So whether you’re hunting for a comfort bike for the town streets, a rough and rugged mountain bike, or want to exercise in your own home with a stationary bike or rower, you can’t be disappointed with the excellence of Kettler bikes.

How to Bust Through Training Plateaus

As a home gym junkie who flies solo through most of my workouts, I sometimes think that one of the biggest drawbacks to training exclusively at home is the lack of feedback and the lack of assistance that you get at a fitness center. This can make it challenging to overcome notoriously frustrating training plateaus.

Since I’m basically a positive person, I like to minimize drawbacks in anything I do. So, instead of giving up my home gym luxuries for a more interactive setting, I figured out some ways to bust through my training plateaus on my own. Here’s what’s worked for me.

Take it Outside

If your workouts are starting to feel sluggish and your energy seems to be at a low, it might be time to take your workouts outside for a week.

For one thing, most people don’t realize that you can get a killer workout outside! In addition to that great news, the fresh, outdoor air can reinvigorate a fitness buff on the verge of burnout.

One of my favorite places to workout when I need some new found energy is the park. A good playground provides all the workout equipment you need to work as hard as you want.

Do Some Interval Training

If you don’t live in a climate that’s conducive to training outside, or if you simply dislike the outdoors, another great way to push through a plateau is to use interval training.

Doing timed intervals of strength training and cardiovascular training is an extremely efficient and effective way to workout. The change in pace will help to “keep your muscles guessing”, which will in turn, keep your muscles growing.

Another benefit of interval training is that is usually takes less time to complete an interval workout than it does a traditional weight training session followed by some cardio. As a result, you get a little more down time to recover and relax.

Rest If You Have To

If you just can’t seem to push through your training plateau, it may be time to take a little break. Now, that doesn’t mean sit on your butt and watch television all week.

I’m a big fan of active rest. Yes, it’s an oxymoron, but it’s a smart way to train. Taking a period of active rest is beneficial because it allows your body to recover from strenuous exercise while still burning calories and staying active.

By active rest I mean the you should get a yoga DVD and use that for one or two workouts or try out an activity that will keep you moving while you’re having fun. Avoid your standard routines and do something new.

Go out dancing or go ice skating. Work in the garden or power walk in the mall- just move and have fun. At the end of the week you’ll find your energy restored and your spirits lifted.

Adjust Your Diet

keto diet

If you’re training hard and your not eating right, you’ll hit a training plateau pretty quickly. Food is fuel for your body.

Proper nutrition will ensure that your body performs at its maximum potential.

Just as you wouldn’t drive your car cross-country without doing a little preventative maintenance and you shouldn’t push your body without doing preventative maintenance by eating right.

If you’re in a slump you may be pleasantly surprised by the energy a little change in diet can give you.


The biggest thing to realize here is that you don’t need fancy equipment or luxurious gyms to keep your workouts progressing even when you hit the proverbial wall.

Heck, you don’t even need a training partner or personal trainer. All you really need is some resolve and a plan. Don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit. You may find a little change of pace is all you needed to get your muscles growing and your waist line shrinking again.

Folding Bicycles may be Just Right for your Daily Commute

folding bike

Folding bicycles may be the perfect set up for those of you who enjoy doing that daily commute on a bike. Today’s folding bikes offer a world of options and useful features above and beyond those offered by such bikes in the past.

In addition to convenience and portability, these beautiful examples of high-tech transportation are eye-catching conversation starters that might spread the success of bike commuting to your friends and co-workers.

In our city, as with many mid-sized cities and large towns across America, public transportation can be sketchy at best when it comes to planning a “green” solution to commuting.

Buses run infrequently and may not be all that convenient for those who want to take them to work. The result is a work or shopping commute that may work best if you can combine bus, walking, and a convenient form of peddle power, i.e., you get the bus fare in hand, put on your most comfortable walking shoes, load your briefcase or attach into a backpack, and then deal with your chosen commuter bike. Then it’s off to work (or the mall, or coffee house, or library, or whatever.

Also in our city, the public buses DO actually sport front mounted bicycle racks. This allows you to lift your bicycle onto the bus carrier while you do that stage of your commute and quickly grab it when the bus route ends or goes out of your way.

It also puts the fate of your beautiful bicycle — which represents a certain financial investment as well as emotional attachment — in the hands of the bus driver and/or whatever drivers happen to be in front of the bus!

A well-made folding bike gives you more control over the situation, allowing you to protect your investment, and allowing you maybe a few minutes more sleep before you rush to the office or time clock, since you can jump off the bus and hit the ground “running” or in this case “riding” with very little time taken to snap the frame of your folding bike into place and go.

folding bike

(Folding bikes have a proud history where quickly portable, light-weight transportation is in demand. They were developed and first deployed by the French military as early as 1900. And British paratroopers were enthusiastic users of folding bikes all through World War II.)

Styles and qualities of folding bikes may vary greatly, but they essentially come with two important options: single-speed and multi-speed. One of the higher-tech, quality multi-speed folding bikes is the Montague Crosstown Folding Bike — which offers 7 speeds, weighs in at approximately 27 pounds, and claims a 20-second “folding time” with no need for tools to make it fit and ready to roll. It even offers a one-click option to adjust the height of the handlebars.

If the Montague Fit Folding Bike should prove to be a bit above your price range, Montague makes the SwissBike X50 Folding Mountain Bike for around $50 less than the Crosstown. Although the SwissBike X50 isn’t made of quite the high-tech alloys of the Crosstown, it does boast the same 20-second folding time and actually has a greater range of 18 different speeds. However, it does weigh in a bit heavier at 32 pounds.

Both of the Montague folding bikes measure an easily manageable 36x28x12 inches when folded.


If you’re really interested in a serious commuting bike and you have an urban environment, a folding bike may be the choice for you. These sturdy little machines date back nearly to the beginnings of modern bicycle construction and use, and they will only grow more popular in the future as the world continues to “go green”!